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Hungry in Greenville, NC?

Greenville North Carolina is a great place to grab a bite to eat if you happen to be traveling through the area. There is a lot more to southern dining than barbecue but Greenville boasts a breadth and depth of cuisines to satisfy even the most sophisticated palette.

What list of food in a southern state would be complete without a few barbecue places? North Carolina style barbecue happens to be a favorite of mine as it is less sweet than other styles. Being mostly vinegar based, and well seasoned, it will make your mouth water. There are certainly other styles represented here, but expect N.C. style to be the primary offerings. Places to try: RJ’s Famous Chicken, BBQ and Ribs, B’s Barbecue & Parkers Barbecue Restaurant are a few of the highlights.

Indian food is becoming more and more popular with a lot of diners. Bold and spicy dishes – usually without meat – are signatures of the style. Exotic and delicious, consider giving it a try. Places to try: Cinnamon 419 and Kasturi Indian Cuisine are great places to try.

Comfort Food:
Down home southern cooking is a staple of the southern experience, and foods like seafood, mac and cheese, etc can fall into this category. Think “Stick to your ribs” kind of food. Try Dixie Queen Seafood Restaurant or The Scullery.

Local Highlights:
There are places all around the country that are famous with the locals for one reason or another. Enter Sup Dogs. This family owned and operated hot dog place is renowned for their excellent food.  Learn More…


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