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Hardwood Floor Cleaning

True Clean has been providing top hardwood floor cleaning services for Greenville, NC and its surrounding areas since 2002. We always use the latest practices and technology to manage our clients’s floors. This means knowing the complexities of hardwood floor cleaning, including proper sealing and maintenance.

Keeping a hardwood floor pristine is about far more than pushing a broom or mop. More often than not, you’re just moving debris around. You rarely come close to extracting allergens, debris and ground-in elements. True Clean knows how to get into the cracks and crevices that standardized tools and cleansers will never reach. And this will be done using eco-friendly resources that do not harm occupants, pets and plants.

True Clean can guarantee an exemplary level of customer service because of our team of experienced and professional technicians. From tools as simplistic as squeegees to powerful vacuums, our techs are ready. We’ll apply the toughest steam cleaner or get down on our knees to tackle hard-to-reach spaces. We restore pH balances with professional and safe wood cleaners, capturing residual dirt. And the production will be low odor, dust free and non-toxic. Expect superior and safe equipment, and outstanding cleaning solutions at every turn.

At the end of the day, True Clean is more than a cleanup service. We offer extensive maintenance solutions that will help preserve your hardware floors. From educating clients on consistent humidity to managing scratches, our techs will do what it takes to outdistance the competition.

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