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Our Customers LOVE This Program

I have had this program for over a year now and LOVE IT! One week after they cleaned my carpet, my daughter spilled chocolate milk in the living room so I used the spotter bottle Robert gave to me for FREE and it came right out. A month later we got a puppy and had some issues with her using the bathroom on the carpet but we had no issues when we called True Clean to come get it out. Every time I called for them to come and rescue my carpet they came out right away and were always polite, courteous, and very professional. We just received our free cleaning for the year and our carpets look wonderful!
~ Jane W.

This program is awesome! True Clean has always been there when I needed them to come out to my home and touch up my carpets and the FREE carpet cleaning at the end of the year is great!
~ William S.

I have 2 small children so this program really works for my family because I don’t want my children playing on a dirty carpet.
~ Stacy D.

My carpets have never looked so clean!
~ Debbie B.

How the Keep it Clean Program Works
1. Schedule and pay for any of our carpet cleaning packages.
2. Enroll in any of our Keep It Clean Programs:
Standard package- Unlimited maintenance spot cleaning for your carpet, only $15.95 a month.
Pet Plus package- Unlimited maintenance spot cleaning for your carpet includes pet stains/odor, only $19.95 a month.
Platinum Plus package- that includes unlimited maintenance spot/pet cleanings for your carpet, upholstery, vehicles and a full deep carpet cleaning once every 9 months, for only $29.95 a month!!
3. Now you are covered for unlimited accidental spills or mishaps that occur on your carpet. Someone spills chocolate milk on your clean carpet, give us a call and we will come out and take care of it for you.
4. Under the Keep It Clean Program you will also receive a FREE bottle of our spot out spot remover with life time refills, 20% off any additional services such as Upholstery, Hardwood floors, Tile & Grout, or Vehicle cleanings and an awesome referral program that pays you $25.00 per completed referral.

Answers to your "Keep It Clean" Program Questions

Q. Do I really get a FREE cleaning at the end of the year if I join the Keep It Clean” program?
A. Yes! We designed this program to save you money and keep your carpets cleaned all year long. For being part of the program we reward you with a free cleaning at the end of the year!

Q: How do I know that True Clean Carpet Cleaning is a business I can trust with my private information?
A: True Clean Carpet Cleaning has been in business since 2000 and has established a relationship of trust with our clients. We would never risk tarnishing our reputation by being careless. Account information is stored in a secure database and transactions are made using encrypted software.

Q: This seems like a great deal for me, what does True Clean Carpet Cleaning stand to gain by offering this program?
A: The greatest thing it does for us is to maintain great customer retention. The carpet cleaning industry can have seasonal highs and lows. Our summer and fall season is very busy, but in the winter and early spring business usually slows down. The “Keep It Clean” Carpet Cleaning program will help spread out the company’s income over the year, making it easier on our employees, owners, and their families.

Q: What payment methods are available for me if I decide to take advantage of the “Keep It Clean” Carpet Cleaning program?
A: The monthly payments will be automatically deducted from your checking/savings “via debt card” account or charged to a credit card and is based on what package you choose.

Q: What happens if I decide to cancel my membership in Keep It Clean Carpet Cleaning program?
A: The “Keep It Clean” Carpet Cleaning program agreement is cancelable at any time. We believe our customers will be so satisfied with the program that they will want to continue. If you should decide to cancel your membership you may do so with a simple telephone call to our office. Any amounts you have paid will be credited to you at your next cleaning.

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