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Our Recommended 13-Step Cleaning Process

1. Pre-Inspection: The technician will do a walk through to identify soiling condition and any possible permanent stains in the carpet.

2. Pre -Vacuum: We vacuum your carpet to remove any bonded and soluble dry soil.

3. Furniture moving: The technician will carefully move your furniture to ensure a thorough cleaning. Furniture blocks/tabs will be placed under your furniture to protect the carpet.

4. Pre- Spot: The technician will treat any tough spots for maximum removal.

5. Pre-spray of the Carpet: The technician will Pre-Spray your carpet with a heavy duty Pre- Spray designed to break down tough stains and deep down dirt.

6. Deep Scrub: The technician will use a carpet agitator to gently scrub the carpet fibers clean and to assist in loosening up tough stains. (Optional)

7. Hot Water Extraction Steam Clean: The technician will clean your carpet using the hot water extraction steam clean method.

8. Deodorizer: The technician will use one of our awesome deodorizers to have your carpets smelling fresh and clean. (Optional)

9. Protection: The technician will spray your carpet with our Scotchgard stain shield that will protect your carpet from spills.

10. Furniture Returned: Furniture will be placed on blocks or tabs to prevent damage & staining.

11. Grooming: The technician will groom your carpet using a carpet rake to fluff up the carpet allowing it to dry quicker.

12. Drying of the Carpet: The technician will speed dry your carpet using one of our powerful air movers. (optional)

13. Post Inspection: The technician will walk through the home with you to point out the cleaning results and ensure you are satisfied.

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